Greenspace is a voluntary non-profit NGO. Our main objective is to support the development and maintenance of urban open spaces in and around Windhoek.
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About Greenspace

Greenspace’s vision is to establish, protect and manage an urban open space system for Windhoek, which links parks, recreation spaces, riverbeds, ridges, conservation areas and other potential urban open spaces. In line with this vision, Greenspace leases the Avis Dam and surrounds (almost 300 hectares) from the City of Windhoek. It manages the natural environment and human activities at the dam in accordance with a Management Plan that is approved by the City of Windhoek and Greenspace members.
The dam attracts about 3,000 people on a monthly basis, from all suburbs. During a user survey conducted in 2018, the main reasons why visitors choose Avis Dam above other options is the biodiversity and wilderness, the psychological wellbeing one gets out in nature; its proximity and affordability; its relative safety and it is clean and friendly. The Namibia University of Science and Technology, UNAM and local schools also use the Avis Dam area for environmental education and research.
Funds are raised largely through membership fees and donations from individuals, user groups and local businesses. Security fees are charged at the parking entrances as guards are employed to oversee the two car parking areas and to roam the lease area.
As all urban land is under constant threat of development, Greenspace aims to preserve the natural environment of Avis Dam and protect it from development.


Entrance Fees

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Nature Walk at Avis Dam


Path Rehabilitation

Greenspace is in the process of rehabilitating the existing paths, protecting them from further erosion and fixing washed-out sections. We also want to take the opportunity to relocate some tracks to improve the visitor experience, close unnecessary shortcuts, and develop new tracks where possible or needed. The path rehabilitation project will be implemented in three phases. Don’t be alarmed when you see some harvesting of thorn branches. These will be used for mulch where eroded sections require rehabilitation, and for barriers to direct walkers onto or away from specific sections. We will always have signs showing where we are working, and the team members will always wear Greenspace-branded visibility vests.

Avis Dam Trails

Contact Us

081 235 6943

Emergency Contact

Avis Neighbourhood Watch
081 220 2191
City Police
061 302 302
Farm Windhoek Security
081 411 3127


Greenspace and/or any of its employees and/or members and/or agents hereby do not take responsibilty for any personal injury or death of, or loss of or damages to any vehicle and/or other property belonging to anyone entering the leased Avis dam area, whether such personal injury, death, loss, or damage was caused by Greenspace and/or any of its employees and/or members and/or agents, or not.
Entry to the leased Avis dam area is completely at your own risk.