Access and Membership Packages

Greenspace leases the Avis Dam from the CoW with the mandate to manage and preserve its natural surrounds. The environmental protection, maintenance, development and security of the Avis Dam area is only possible through the support of the visitors, members and donors. The Greenspace Access card allows you unlimited access to the Avis Dam area for a year, running from February to January. Reduced pricing is available proportionately for joining later in the year.

Access Packages

Become a Member

To join the Avis Dam community and become a member of the Greenspace organization (renewable annually), please simply indicate this on the application form. Membership, at an annual cost of N$100.00, permits the holder voting rights during the Annual General Meeting.
Membership is N$100 per year.

Access and Membership Application

To obtain the access card (or the pre-paid option above), and/or to pay for access and/or membership,
please complete the online form
and select your payment method below.

EFT Payment

If you prefer to make your access card and/or membership payment via EFT, please follow the steps below.
1. Fill in and submit the online form above.
2. Make EFT payment to:
Account name: GREENSPACE
Bank: Nedbank Namibia
Branch Code: 461001
Account Number: 110 000 58663

3. Email the proof of payment to:
NOTE! Please state your SURNAME and INITIALS as reference. Any payment without a name will be regarded as a donation to Greenspace!
Your card will only be issued once a proof of payment has been received to the above email address.

Card Pickup

An email will be sent to you upon purchase of access card and/or membership, with the way ahead. Cards are delivered to either the Main gate or the Gobabis gate for your collection 3 – 7 days after purchase. Please indicate the preferred pick-up point on the online form.

Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. By completing the information on this website you agree to be bound by the below terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are subject to change at the sole discretion of the Greenspace Management Committee. The Terms and Conditions as published on the Website at the time of the booking shall apply.
Greenspace shall not be obliged to notify members of any amendments or change to the conditions.
Access fees

Access Card N$ 1000 per year (from 1st January)
N$ 800 (from 1st May)
N$ 600 (from 1st August)
N$ 400 (from 1st November)
Pre-paid card N$ 300 (pay for 10 visits and get 12 visits)

● The fees are applicable to all applicants.
● The Greenspace access cards are only valid for a year. All annual subscriptions run from January to December. All cards expire in December but Greenspace allows a grace period of 30 calendar days after the expiring date to obtain a renewal access card.
● Greenspace Access cards are not transferable.
● Greenspace Access cards are non-refundable.
● For any enquiries regarding the Greenspace membership Cards please contact us on

Access Card Information

● Greenspace card carriers should always have their access card at hand when entering the Avis Dam Area.
● Greenspace card carriers should only access the dam area at designated entry points.
● Visitors are encouraged to respect the environment and animals who live around the Avis Dam area.
● Visitors are encouraged to respect other patrons who visit the Avis Dam area.
● Visitors are obliged to follow the rules as communicated online and displayed on various signs around the physical space of Avis Dam.
● The public is prohibited from cutting or collecting wood or making fires at the Avis Dam Area.
● Visitors are encouraged to report any suspicious behaviour or activity to the guards at the entry gates.


Greenspace shall NOT be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury that may be suffered by members of the public making use of the facilities at Avis Dam.